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The storage project for Grid India has been finally put into operation
Feb 21,2017

——To establish a global benchmark for energy storage projects


India, Febuary, 2017 — A few days before, the storage project for Grid India has been finally put into operation, which signifies that Narada already speeds up the globalization for energy storage project.

This project is the first storage project for frequency regulation, whose nominal capacity is 1MWh, consists of both Narada LFP and lead-carbon batteries.


The panorama of the storage project for frequency regulation


With rapid economic development, India has become one of the major countries of energy consumption. The electrical consumption in India has been grown at rate 7.7% annually since 2005, more than rate 6.7% of annual electrical production. However, on the other hand, the grid facility in India is in relatively poor condition, with quite unstable frequency and voltage. There are even 4 to 6 times of power outage per day in some places at peak time period.

In order meet this requirement of growing electricity, India keeps developing at provision and end-user side of electricity, meanwhile, also starts development of storage system in order to solve unstability of grid.


In January 2016, Narada has become the only project contractor by winning the tender from 8 famous international enterprises, and provided design and system integration for the storage station, also finished equipment installation and commissioning.


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The storage system for frequency regulation could make energy consumption more smart and more stable, which largely stabilizes power output, and improve power quality, consequently makes operation of power system more economically.

The storage system of Narada is combined with both lithium-ion and lead-carbon batteries, which gives consideration to energy and power requirement of both peak-shaving and frequency regulation. So it will quickly response to grid, with only 50% initial investment of pure lithium solution, which is highly praised by end-user.


Commissioning before operation


This hybrid storage system, with lithium and lead carbon batteries, shows great advantage under the unstable grid condition in frequency and voltage, and can be considered as the optimum power solution for circumstance in India.

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