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Narada won the 121.7MWh Datacenter Project of China Mobile
Feb 16,2017


Hangzhou, China, January, 2017 — January 12th, Narada and Hangzhou Zhongheng Electric Co., Ltd successfully won the tender of “Energy storage and equipment procurement for Data Center project of China Mobile”. It marks that our company's energy storage business model successfully opened the data center industry market, as well as opened up a potential and more robust application market. The project is implemented in the form of "investment + operation", with a total capacity of 121.7 MWh.


The project applies the "investment + operation" model of Energy Storage to the Datacenter,which achieves the

peak shaving application in the field of IDC.


As operating electricity costs accounted for 54% of the total cost of Data center (IDC), how to reduce electricity costs is the key to reducing IDC's operating costs.


Based on the company's leading and reliable lead-carbon battery technology, the system will transmit from the traditional data center room backup battery one-way consumption of electricity, to the electricity - the battery combined power supply + energy storage system.


In addition to providing equipment , The system also make the use of reserve capacity to participate in peaking, to provide electricity price management and electricity demand management, participation in demand side response.


The successful bidder, marks highly recognization on Narada’s Lead Carbon Energy Storage System, breaks up the traditional marketing model of communications field, creates a precedent in domestic and international data center backup power supply mode - from the traditional single standby service mode to the "energy storage + standby" operating mode, achieves the  innovation both of technology and model.

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+86 571 56975980/56975956

East Wing, No.822 Wen'er Xi Road,

Hangzhou 310030, China