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Narada Attended 2016 Future of Energy APAC Summit
Nov 25,2016

Shanghai, China, November, 2016 — Recently, the 2016 Future of Energy APAC Summit, organized by Global Energy Interconnection Development and Cooperation Organization and Bloomberg New Energy Finance, was convened on the future of energy, covering three themes: trade, technology, and the transition to a lower-carbon energy system over two days of discussion, debate, and discovery in Shanghai. More than 400 representives from international organizations, government agencies, universities, research institutes and enterprises, participated in this pageant.


2016 Future of Energy APAC Summit was held in Shanghai.

In the same period, the summit set up 8 main forums-"Future Energy Outlook", "Asia Energy Interconnection", "Chinese Energy Transformation", "Profit Model of PV Solar Enterprises", "Auto Industry Outlook", "Financing of Asia Renewable Energy ", "PV Innovation - Frontline Green Revolution" "Energy Storage and Battery ", as well as 9 sub-forums; and also held a number of sharing sessions, released the research reports.

blob.pngPanel Discussion

On the second day of the summit, the organizer invited industry experts and related manufacturers to participate in round-table discussions on energy storage and battery-related issues. Mr. Wu Hanqing, General Manager of Overseas Market and EPC Engineering Division, was invited to participate in the discussion. Attendees discussed about the present status and future policy outlook of Chinese energy storage industry and the current energy storage technologies, such as lead carbon battery technology, lithium battery technology.


Mr.WuHanqing, GM of Narada Overseas, participate in the thematic roundtable discussion.

Mr.Wu Hanqing, General Manager of Overseas and EPC Engineering Division,shared Narada's progress in the commercial application of energy storage and talked about the main business opportunities in global energy storage market, such as peak regulation, home Energy storage, industrial and commercial energy storage, renewable energy connected-grid, reducing abandoned air and discarded light, micro-grid and etc.In addition to the existing subsidies mechanism for household/commercial energy solutions, Mr.Wu also shared more economic benefits and business models, which attracted the attention and praise from the audience.


Mr. Wu spoke at the sub-forum on Energy Storage & Batteries.

The Future Energy Summit was founded by Bloomberg in 2008 and has ever been held in New York, London and Shanghai. 2016 Future of Energy APAC Summit aims to promote the "Global Energy Internet" concept at a higher level and a wider range of dissemination, seize the opportunities of "the Belt and Road Initiative" to promote interconnection of regional internet in Asia as well as global infrastructure, which are fit for Narada's vision of "building energy Internet platform". In the future, Narada will make full use of opportunities to promote energy Internet solutions at home and abroad to provide comprehensive solutions and operation services for the Global Smart Energy.

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