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Narada was awarded in Australian Annual Energy Storage Summit
Nov 10,2016

Hangzhou, China, October, 2016 — With support of the Victoria Government, the Australian Clean Energy Council and Australian Power Grid Companies, the 7th Australian Energy Conference was inaugurated in Melbourne Pullman Hotel on October 11th, 2016.


As the most influential summit of the energy storage industry in Australia, the two-days conference brought together more than 200 energy storage distributors, integrators, battery manufacturers, inverter manufacturers, as well as Australian local governments, power grid companies, associations and research institutions and the media from Australia and China.


Mr. Wu addressed a speech on Lead-Carbon Systems

Mr. Wu Hanqing, General Manager of Narada Overseas Division, gave a thematic presentation on lead-carbon storage system. He gave a comprehensive introduction to the research and development of Narada lead carbon battery, the achievements of technological innovation, and the recognition of international advanced lead-acid battery association. Narada creates a brand new business model of “investment plus operations” with the cost-effective lead-carbon systems in the energy storage industry, leading the development trend of the industry.

He said, as one of China's outstanding energy storage enterprises, Narada must take up the responsibility to create a global green environment, inspire every energy storage user by the high-performance long-life low-cost products and solutions as well as meticulous service, and spread ideas of environmental protection farther and longer.

blob.png Panel Discussion

The theme of Day Two conference was "Case and Application". Under the guidance of Owen LOCK, speakers from famous energy storage enterprises around the world shared their successful experiences and application cases.

During round-table discussion session, abundant topics and more intense discussions made the site atmosphere particularly warm. Mr. Wu expound Narada’s cognition and prospects for the Australian energy storage market from the perspective of a battery manufacturer, and express Narada’s future strategic direction and the main initiatives of household energy storage market.


Narada participated in the pannel discussion on site


Subsequently, the forum organizers specifically awarded the industry forerunners in the Australian energy storage market, to express their efforts in this year. Narada, with outstanding performance in Australia's household energy storage market, ultimately won the most important title - “The Best Energy Storage System Supplier”, which also reflects Narada’s influence and appeals in Australian household energy storage users’ mind.


Narada was awarded The Best Energy Storage System Supplier”

This award marks Narada’s important status in the overseas emerging industries markets and higher acceptance and recognition by our professional-grade users. Narada will take this opportunity to make the greatest contribution to the sustainable development of the global energy storage industry!

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