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Survey of Narada by the undersecretary of China Ministry of Science and Technology
Jul 23,2016

Hangzhou, China, July, 2016 — On 14th July, the undersecretary of China Ministry of Science and Technology, Mr. Wang Zhigang has visited Narada for survey and investigation, together with other important leaders of Zhejiang province, accompanied by the president of Narada power source, Mr. Chen Bo through the full itinerary guides.


The undersecretary arrives at Narada

Undersecretary Wang has visited the product exhibition center, national technology center as well as PV-storage integrated micro-grid station at Narada, deeply impressed by many cutting-edge innovations here, such as: advanced lead-carbon battery, high power lithium ion battery, fuel-cell, pioneered high-temperature battery for energy conservation, smart control center of micro-grid, brand-new business model for energy storage…etc.


Undersecretary Wang appreciated very much about the business model of “investment + operation” initially invented by Narada in storage industry, which provided energy solution at customers’ side and contributed a lot to global commercialization for energy storage.

President Chen. Bo reported to undersecretary Wang about development status and self-innovations of Narada in new energy field as well as the scientific R&D achievements in three major fields of telecom, motive power and energy storage, aroused great invest from the visiting group.


Visit on exhibition center of Narada


It is also highly recognized by undersecretary Wang that Narada is now striving to become a leader of systematic solution for motive power of electrical vehicle, energy storage of smart micro-grid, back-up power of global information technology.

Undersecretary Wang fully approved the achievement of Narada in innovation and development, and encouraged Narada to continue investment in order to develop become a good model for National high-technology. 

He also emphasized that science and technology is a key factor of transformation and upgrading in industry, and innovation is important to improve industry chain.


▲Visit on Narada integrated storage station for micro-grid

The visit of Undersecretary Wang greatly inspired the confidence of Narada in process of industrial transformation and upgrading, as well as technology innovation in future. Narada will for sure increase investment on scientific innovation continuously, so as to explore a comprehensive solution for smart energy, and to promote the industry of new energy.

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+86 571 56975980/56975956

East Wing, No.822 Wen'er Xi Road,

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