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【Episode-2】A practical and economical application of PV storage
Jun 14,2016

The PV pump system with Narada HT batteries


In the Middle-east region, at noon time, there is a Greenland irrigated adequately fighting against the draught. Then we found that this Greenland is far from urban area, without any connection to power grid system, but how could it be irrigated so easily?

Following steps of the guide, we go further and find out the details of this system: this is a solar pump system with energy storage built up by a Saudi-Arabian customer of Narada. The power is generated from PV arrays for water pump, and the rest will be stored into batteries for later irrigation in evening or cloudy condition.


▲Narada HT batteries 12HTB150


The highlight of this solar pump system is the Narada high temperature battery(HT battery), which can normally work under even 40 degree in desert regions, while the ordinary batteries will lose water and get corrosion on lead-grids very quickly, whose service lives will be largely shortened. Furthermore, the cost of installation and maintenance of air-condition can be saved if Narada HT battery applied.

Here is the configuration of this solar pump system: the PV array consists of 24pcs polycrystalline modules (72 cells, 375W output) with 9KW output; the battery is Narada HT series products, with the code of 12HTB150, totally 24pcs, 21.6 KWh. The solar pump system can will work 7 hours continuously per day, which means the Narada HT battery has successfully improved the “working attitude” of the solar pump system!


Please refer to more details of the system:


The solar pump system can be flexibly applied in agriculture to supply clean water for people and plants, without any external power sources, which is a wonder soltution both ecological and economical, especially in arid regions with enough sunshine resources.


However the traditional solar pump is without any energy storage, which couldn't   fully utilize the sunshine resource, and couldn't start the pump either when the sunshine is not adequate or PV modules get dirty. Consequently, energy storage system is added onto the solar pump, to store more solar power for necessary output.

Wish Narada batteries could help more solar pump system, to solve the problem of power shortage, and bring a happy life to those people far away from power grids.

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