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Narada has signed a big commercial project of energy storage
Apr 15,2016

Hangzhou, China, April, 2016 — On 14th April 2016, good news came from Narada, that a project agreement has been signed between Narada and Suzhou Zhongheng energy corporation, about power station of energy storage application, with storage capacity of total 68.64MWh (2,059MWh power storage per month).

This is a major breakthrough of Narada in commercial storage projects, whose scale has reached hundred Megawatts and it signifies the company policy of “investment + operation” in storage stations has been successfully performed, which will bring stable cash flow and considerable profit to Narada in following ten years.



The storage scale of Narada has reached hundred Megawatts


The importance of energy storage is highly noticed globally at present stage, that is the key part to build up “energy internet” and key entrance of future energy. 

Narada always persists in the development objective to participate in construction of global energy internet and stratify the requirements from global electricity in a green and smart way. Narada masters the key technology of energy storage far ahead in whole industry, based on innovative lead-carbon technology, which has lowered the storage cost into a certain level that widely accepted by commercial applications. Since 2016, Narada largely spreads its business model of “investment + operation” in commercial storage applications


An agreement with Suzhou Zhongheng energy corporation


China highly attaches importance to the industry of energy industry with continuously relative policies in order to encourage scientific progress in this field. Those policies will bring Narada a great chance in development and expansion and also bring the storage industry an explosive growth along with the further cost reduction and more mature technology. 

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+86 571 56975980/56975956

East Wing, No.822 Wen'er Xi Road,

Hangzhou 310030, China