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Narada and the storage revolution
Nov 11,2015

Perth, Australia, November 2015 — On Western Australia Solar + Energy Storage Creative Drive Conference, the Narada‘s booth was crowded with many visitors, one of which, showed us an article from the Solar Progress, about the prospect of the energy storage industry as well as related technology of Narada’s Lead-carbon batteries. Because of great reputation in storage solution, this visitor would like to seek a long term cooperation with Narada for energy storage.


“Batteries may not be the most aesthetically appealing of objects but when their power, their potential is such that they can reshape energy distribution they are a magnet for a host of innovators and early adopters. Here we capture some of the advances and attention surrounding the game changing technology, the storage revolution”



Just as the article described, Narada has devoted full of energy and force to storage solution in recent years with the purpose to build up an excellent brand image and create more values for all clients, then become the leader of back-up battery in field of global telecom, energy storage and motive power.


About the Solar Progress

The Solar Progress is an official publication of The Australian Solar Council, which is

a solar organization with the longest historical standing among the whole world, currently holding its 50th annual solar conference this year.


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+86 571 56975980/56975956

East Wing, No.822 Wen'er Xi Road,

Hangzhou 310030, China