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Stored energy solutions for a demanding world

  • SS
    12V, HRPSOC
    The SS series, name of start-stop, is VRLA battery special designed for automobiles and ideal for start-stop applications. Adopting AGM(Absorptive Glass Mass) technology, the lead carbon technology, the high tem…
  • TS
    2V, Electric locomotive, Traction start, Lighting
    TS series, under name of Traction Series, is VRLA battery special designed for diesel locomotive and electric locomotive starting, lighting and signal system.        With reliable heat sealing, patente…
  • EV
    80V, Electric Vehicles
    EV series, name of Electric Vehicle, is standard LiFePO4 battery modular, it is special designed to provide power for electric automobile.With LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron phosphate) technology make EM series long cycle …
  • DC
    6V/8V/12V, Groud Vehicles
    DC series, name of Deep Cycle, is electric vehicle VRLA batteries, special designed for Electric vehicle such as electric automobile, golf car etc.        Combining advanced battery design technology …